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Is it ok to put your cups in the microwave and the dishwasher?

Yes, it is safe to microwave and dishwash the cups, but be aware:

microwave: if the cup’s foot has been exposed to water for a while (such as if it had been sitting in a sink of water), it may become very hot on the bottom when microwaved, due to the moisture in the foot.

dishwasher: If there’s a heating element on the top of your dishwasher (usually intended for drying glassware), please make sure that element is turned off. Or, you can remove the cup before this cycle. The clay body and the glaze expand and contract at different rates when heated, which may lead to microfractures.
For the most part, microfractures in a glaze are harmless, but cups are more likely to break along these fault lines if dropped :o